P.T.A’s Message


I am proud to be associated with St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet Secondary School.  Since my election as the PTA Chairman I have witnessed tremendous growth in the school, both in academics and infrastructure.  All these achievements have been realized due to the co-operation between the BOG, Schools Administration, Teachers and Parents.  The participation of all stakeholders in coming up with the strategic plan is a very good gesture and I appreciate all for their hard work and commitment.

The student’s body has also shown high level of discipline and I thank the teachers for inculcating good values to our children.
I am grateful to the BOG, for facilitating the making of the strategic plan. Without their support, it would have been difficult to come up with such a document.  This strategic plan is a step in the right direction because education plays a useful role in the society.

Parent’s involvement makes a strong school; I encourage all parents to become part of the Parents Teachers Association.  Through participation in PTA meetings and activities, we can work together to improve our school and our children’s education.  
PTA meetings are scheduled throughout the year.  We welcome your support and attendance at the meetings.

I appreciate all other stakeholders for their contribution in making the success of this strategic plan.  Let us continue joining hands to ensure St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet remains at the top in all its endeavours.  Thank you and God bless our school.


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