Principal’s Message


Education is the prime goal of a School.  At St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet Secondary School that goal is being realized by imparting both knowledge and skills to the students.  We also inculcate good values to the students, like Martin Luther Junior said, “intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”.
St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet has experienced tremendous growth in enrolment.  This means that infrastructure has also to be expanded to accommodate the growth.  The school has a highly qualified staff of 17 teachers and enough support staff of about 10 who take care of the needs of the students. It has continued to market itself by maintaining high levels of discipline among the students and if this has had a positive impact in the community surrounding the school.     
The school has also experienced many challenges like inadequate infrastructure, incomplete laboratories and dinning hall, lack of a library and computer lab. The world has become a global village and the school has to keep with the current trends it has to heavily invest in IT to be compliant.
In the process of strategic planning formulation the stakeholders have greatly contributed to guide the school on the strategic direction it intends to take for the next 5 years,
2018 - 2022. Good communication, teamwork, and effective schools take a lot of hardwork.

There is an old saying that goes “Things can go wrong all by themselves, but you have to work hard to make things go right”.  This statement applies doubly to maintaining a successful relationship among all the stakeholders.  In doing these teams will be built, targets will be set, monitoring and evaluations will be done and all efforts made will be geared towards students retention in school.
The strategic plan is our tool for resource mobilization, motivation, a direction pointer, and, above all, an indicator on our performance. The solid foundation the school is continuing to lay will forever be remembered by those students who pass through St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet Secondary School.
God bless us all.


Background of the School

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Environment Club

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