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St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet Secondary School is located in Nakuru North District, Subukia Constituency, Dundori Division, Lanet Umoja location, Mereroni sub-location.
The School is 15km East of Nakuru town off Nakuru Dundori Road.  It is physically situated within KARI Lanet sub stations grounds.
The school was established in 1981 as a Secondary Section of Mereroni Primary School.  
It was located in the Primary compound from 1981-1989  and it was under the leadership of the Primary school head for nine years.  In 1990 the TSC deployed a Secondary school headteacher to be in charge of the school and the school was relocated to the current site and was called Mereroni Secondary School.  The first pioneer candidates sat for their KCSE in the year 1984.  The number of candidates was forty six (46). This number has steadily grown to one hundred and seventeen (117) in the year 2012.
The school is situated on 3 acres of land and is sandwiched between two residential areas for the KARI workers.  The school acquired temporary registration in 1984 and was fully registered as a double stream in 2001. The school was then re-registered again in the year 2008when it changed its name from Mereroni Secondary School to St. Joseph’s Kari Lanet Secondary derived from the sponsors of the church Catholic Diocese of Nakuru C.D.N and the land on which the school stands that is KARI.

Since the school was established, three thousand and ninety five (3095) students have passed through it. Currently the student population stands at 331 students.
From two classrooms, the school has currently eight (8) classrooms, all in use.  In the last five years, the school KCSE mean grade has steadily risen from a mean of 3.60 in 2007 to 4.403 in 2011. The school has two incomplete labs, a dining hall, an administration block and a kitchen.

The community surrounding the school consists of workers within Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), ADC, KEPHIS and FTC and settlers from other parts of the country.  Thus, over the years, the area has registered an increase in population growth which has contributed to the increased enrolment.
The climatical condition of the location of the school and surrounding areas is fairy wet.  
The region receives rain from April to September and the other months are generally dry.
There is River Mereroni, a perennial river that is next to the school.
The economic activities of the community around the school include small scale farming, informal employment and casual labour.  
The school draws its students from 8 primary schools, which have been registering an increase in enrolment with the introduction of free primary education by the Government in 2002.







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